Feb 22, 2011


suggestions on improving  of an earlier render of mine by aditya,,,,,thanx adi,,,(adityadesign.blogspot.com)

Feb 10, 2011

Feb 8, 2011

a quick renault

 a quick renault hatchback,, Zoe style and the new design language

Daniel Simon & F1

when i heard daniel simon will be designing  the livery for HRT team,,, i felt this was bound to happen,,, ,,

had read an article about future of F1,,which mentions exterior designers will get in the designing,,,,

To that end Purnell also sees the shape of the car being set by stylists rather than by design engineers. In other words, aerodynamics will have a less important role than today and the cars will be designed to look as sexy as possible, “more of a fashion than a function.” The drivers will be more visible, although still well protected and they will be obviously busier in the cockpit, working various adjustable functions of the car, moveable aerodynamic devices which will allow them to get extremely close to the cars around them without becoming unstable, as they do today.

and today the HRT 111 was launched with the daniel simon livery,,,

   courtesy: cardesign.ru - facebook page

daniel simon & F1- may be i jus expected too much

may be something of this simplicity and uniqueness- The 2009 Brawn GP car

as an automobile designer i was happy that this is a start for automobile designers getting into F1 and on the other hand i was not so sure that designers(stylists) should get into F1 ,, race cars ar as raw as they can get with all the aerodynamic stuff all around it,,, all these come together to form a pure beast... what if it is ugly or beautiful... people get used to it,, 2010 season saw people telling the new cars were plain ugly and towards the end of season actually liking the cars,,,,