Nov 21, 2010


electric scooter

electric scooter



Pininfarina design contest 2010

NID-Pininfarina design contest 2010____ the next autorickshaw | taxi for India

Taxi for School children

explorations and concept theme

front 3/4

Woven fabric interiors


rear three fourth

KISKA snow mobile sketch contest

my entry for kiska snowmobile sketch contest

design project

QUADROVER-design project 2

Rescue hovercraft for the INDIAN COAST GUARD

some early renders

Mar 12, 2010

Dvundv- super car for india

later i felt the side proportions were a little off,,this is the corrected one

the entry

Mar 2, 2010

car design news contest 2008 entry

This was my entry for the CDN 2008 contest.This was before i joined my course a NID This got featured in the CDN contests page

Some Old work

3d modelling

Form course- Feb 2009

Form course- sep 2009

packaging course- july 2009

packaging course- july 2009

pininfarina 2009

Jan 3, 2010

Internship at JMC, Chennai

My internship work at Jerry Motor Company, Chennai. NOV 2009

Facelift of an electric scooter.